I have always loved researching, learning, and discovering information about food and nutrition, as well as other ways to improve health (exercise, skin, etc.)

In recent years I have enjoyed experimenting with what I like to refer to as "food lifestyles" because I hate the word "diet." "Diets" do not work. Sometimes "food lifestyles" don't work for everyone either, but they do work for some people. And what I mean by these are lifestyles such as vegetarianism, veganism, paleo, and so on. These are ways of eating that people are more likely to adapt for life.

I try new "food lifestyles" because 1) the research seems to show that they are healthier than the way I used to eat, 2) I do not agree that the current Standard American Diet is the healthiest way of eating, and 3) when I finally become an RD and I have clients who have adapted these "food lifestyles" or want to adapt them, I want to be able to understand as best I can how the diet affects the body and what risks and benefits they come with.

But for the moment I eat as close to nature as possible. I eat what I believe is best for my health and well-being. I would consider myself a nutrivore, someone who consumes what he/she believes to be the most nutrient-dense foods.

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